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looking for a power soak solution

Hi all, Here's my setup: guitar into effects, into Fender Hot Rod Deluxe amp. The amp (40 watts) is plenty loud for rehearsals, but as you'd expect, it's too loud for those standing near it, and not loud enough for those on the other side of the room. So, to try to solve this problem, I bought a H&K Red Box (it's a DI with speaker simulation, fantastic by the way). It is situated between the power amp and the speaker. My plan was to route some of my signal through the PA, to try to balance out my volume. It helped, but not quite enough. I still need to crank up my amp a bit in order to provide a useable signal to the board. Eventually I stuck the amp in a closet, which worked wonderfully, but it's a pain and I don't feel like doing that all the time. So, here's my next bright idea... unplug the speaker in the Fender amp and use a soak. However, I have no idea what brand/model/etc I should check out. And I don't want to spend a fortune. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'd appreciate it. Thanks! If I'm imagining it correctly, it would give me complete control over my guitar's balance between my amp and the PA.
The best one out there is probably the THD Hot Plate. Expensive and be sure to get the right ohmage. Less expensive but still pretty decent the Weber Mini Mass.
Thanks Ratrod. I read some good reviews on the Mini Mass, and they're only $100. Thank you!
The weber minimass is the way to go. It's not a resistor based soak, it uses and actual speaker motor. Also, you can select the resistance with a toggle switch (4, 8 or 16 ohms). I've been using my minimass with my Deluxe Reverb and with my Swart STR for quite some time now and get excellent results.
What would you guys recommend, with the actual signal path... Currently my signal leaves the HRD's poweramp, goes through the H&K Red Box (speaker in/out), continuing on to the speaker. Should I situate the Mini Mass between the Red Box and the speaker? Or, I see the Mini Mass has a line out. The Red Box has a "Line IN". So, it looks like I could put the Mini Mass between the power amp and speaker, and connect the Mini Mass's 'Line Out' to the Red Box's 'Line IN'? Any difference between these two scenarios, as far as sound quality? Potential for explosions? Etc? :) I will be using the Red Box for rehearsals and live performances, since I prefer it over mic'ing. Thanks again for your help.
Your amp has two speaker outputs. Put the mini mass between the first output and speaker and plug the redbox into the second speaker output.
There doesn't need to be a 'load' at the end of that second output? Hmm, I guess not, since there isn't anything plugged in there normally. Thank you ratrod!!!!
I still ocassionally use my Scholz Power Soak - sounds great!
Hmmmm, now I'm not sure anymore. Best reed the manuals.
I like the Dr. Z Brake Lite- easy retrofit, works great!

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