The Workbench

Look out, Powdog!


Blimey! That's just showing off! There are people who can do incredible things with wood. I am not one of them! I've been looking at some of the stuff people build on Youtube and some of it is mind blowing.

I do feel like a kid who just learnt how to play a song on guitar... Meanwhile Powdog is beating the devil at the Crossroads.


Oh, that cabinet is not my work. Didn’t mean to mislead. I follow a couple guys who do really incredible work. Just thought now that you have the bug you would enjoy that.

I used to to make a lot of furniture, big and small pieces. Ran out of room so now it’s just amp cabs and an occasional run of cutting boards.

Those finger joints look super tight. Really nice clear pine too. Is that species indigenous to Australia?


I don't think so. Pretty sure it's Pinus radiata which is the standard plantation pine here. The ply I'm using for the panels and baffle is hoop pine ply. I avoid any knotty pieces which has been easy so far.

I didn't think you had done that chest of drawers Powdog. I am just incredibly impressed with the standard of your cabinets. I've made a surprising amount of furniture in my house - I say surprising because it's been over a 30 year period and it's only when I work out which bits I've made that I realise how much is mine. I don't class what I have made as high quality but it works in the places it occupies. I've used a lot of jarrah which is our predominant local hardwood and it really is a bugger to work! It is beautiful but it's very heavy, moves a lot, splits easily and chatters and chips when routed.

Here's our dining table - 100 yr-old jarrah top and raw black steel undercarriage. A friend welded the steel for me - all I did was cut it out and clean it. There is no finish on the steel at all and it's beautiful. If it rusts that's fine. I did the top.

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