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Lightening a wood stain?


Hi gang, hope everybody's doing ok?

I've stained a Tele body in dark brown... turns out it's dark to the point you can hardly tell it's brown.

No, I haven't been clever and tested on a hidden portion (eg under the pickguard or something).

Anybody out there with a good tip to remedy this unfortunate state of affairs?

All the best


The only cure I know short of extreme sanding is, when I'm making a table or something, if it's too dark I lightly sand and bring out a lighter contrast untill it's close to what I want. Sometimes its works out inspite of us!


Depending on the type of stain, I’ve had success using mineral spirits or oxalic acid (not mixed). 0000 steel wool helps.

If you shy away from chemicals, get out the sander.


Thanks gents, much appreciated. This time I'll try on a scrap piece before.

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