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Latest amp project: Siverface Bassman in combo cabinet


I got in trade a silver face Bassman head that had been worked on badly one too many times - SO many unoriginal parts and squirrely stuff going on. It was basically trash.

My plan is: Channel 1 = Marshall JCM800 gainbanger with the correct high and low sensitivity inputs. The Middle control will fit in the old Ground switch hole.

Channel 2 = Dr Z Rt.66 style with and EF86 front end. I love EF86 based amps. It's a big, fat sound that stays clean pretty loud.

Power amp is 6L6 with 1K screens and 5.6K grids and a Lar-Mar Master Volume.

Cabinet will be a Mojo Bassman 1X12 Combo Cab.


Good plan. They make killer 1x12 combos with a little tweaking.


Cool, looking forward to seeing that progress.

Timely that you start this thread now Josh, did you see my thread re bringing amps out of hibernation?


Hi Deke, I saw it early on, and I will refresh myself on it!

Powdog - thank you! I have done some weird ones in the past - the VibroChamp Reverb (remove vibrato, replace with reverb with Mix and Dwell), the 40 watt Blues Junior, the Hammond AO-35 conversions (3 of them), a Tweed Vibrolux with three-knob reverb, etc tec. So I always enjoy following your projects too!!


I love this workbench section! We have so many talented techs here. I look forward to seeing the progress on this one, it's a very imaginative project.


Why not go with a 15" speaker? I'm sure it would fit in the cab.


Why not go with a 15" speaker? I'm sure it would fit in the cab.

– Windsordave

Agreed, honk a 15 into that sucker


Good plan. They make killer 1x12 combos with a little tweaking.

– Powdog

Alll cool stuff I am seeing.

Dig this one done around here for me ... it's one the right. Has a 12 and 2 channels like a Deluxe, the 12-14 watts ouput of Princeton, all honked onto a Champ chassis, and some decent lo-end, being in a MusicMaster Bass cab.

But it's kind of the odd man out now cause I am more relatin' to my 9 watt Musicmaster bass chassis all tweaked up with line out and fresh everything going thru a Jensen Neo, and then my 5 watt Magnatone 410 which also gets a lot of use.. can't be many single 6v6 amps thru a 12 at least from back in the 60s So like a lot of stuff around here ti's for sale. You see my reverb fix is just setting a Holy Grail Nano on top. Still onboard tube/spring reverb is better.


Good plan. They make killer 1x12 combos with a little tweaking.

– Powdog

Tell us a little more about this beauty! Please!


One day I will get around to build a 1x12 cab for my home-made blonde Bassman head. I kept with the regular Blonde Bassman second channel but as the bass channel has two 12a*7 tubes I made it a Vox AC30/Matchless style channel. I actually way prefer the AC30 channel! It's a vol/treble/bass Vox preamp into a 2x6L6 blonde Bassman power amp. It's a beautiful sound. And cranked it's amazing.


The Mojo Cab I have is a 12" and so I'll let the next owner put a 15 in if they wish. I fired it up and wow - it's a great sounding JCM800! The Dr. Z channel needs fine tuning as it's a little dark. But it'll be great! I might revise it to be more AC30 like.

Thank you all!


I’ve got it all straightened out and debugged and boy, does it sound good! I will have to make a video. I am considering a high power neo speaker since the Marshall channel is especially loud.

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