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LaBella Nylon Wrapped


Any input or experience on these LaBella Nylon Wrapped round wound jazz strings? I'm jonesin to try a set on my Black Falcon as I've been experimenting with heavier strings tuned down a maj3rd. (C F Bb Eb G C)

  • 1st E Plain Steel .014

  • 2nd B Plain Steel .018

  • 3rd G Black Nylon Tape Wound .036

  • 4th D Black Nylon Tape Wound .046

  • 5th A Black Nylon Tape Wound .056

  • 6th E Black Nylon Tape Wound .067

Black Nylon Tape Wound

"Black Nylon Tape Wound sets are the 'secret behind the sound" of many professional guitarists. To create that warm, jazzy sound, these sets have a special design. The 3rd through 6th strings are a stainless steel round wound string covered with a black nylon tape outer wrap. Plain steel is used for the 1st and 2nd strings."


Hey Bobby. At one time a long time ago LaBella was about the cheapest strings on the market. But now I use them on my fractional sized guitars. I have three and am building another. They seem to be holding up good. The size your talking about I haven't a clue though.

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