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Tomb Rocker


My Tomb Raider collectors edition figurine ended up on the shelf immediately above my Gretsch Guitar mini collection because my new Lego took the top shelf, and I suddenly noticed after all this time - hey! they're about the same scale!

I think this will live on my desk instead now ;)


That mini-jet's detail is impressive.


They're made in Japan at 1/8 scale. I also have a black duo jet and a green Anniversary. They are amazingly detailed. The Gretsch label is even visible inside the f hole on the Annie!

I got one on ebay (the Anniversary) and had a friend pick up the Jets and a spare Anniversary from a toy shop when they travelled to Japan.

Here's a link to a UK seller showing pictures of some of the other models they make: Link

They're much cheaper in Japan apparently. If anyone could get the whole range shipped out I'd be interested!!!


I've seen pictures of a deluxe version with an adorable little scaled down case included. No gold piping though.


No gold piping though. -- Raisedbydogs



hhhmmmnnnn....is she looking for a date?

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