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In need of a source for a Rally Sonic Boom switch


If you've seen the switch that activates/disables the sonic boom you know it's different. Any idea where I can find a replacement?

Thanks in advance


Like Hi LoTrons need any more treble.... but still it was early onboard effects, like the kool Eko Vox electronic guitars of 1968... where some of the gimmicky circuits in the Thomas Vox amps went in the guitars... like repeat percussion. These probably came from organ effects.

Still I would like to hear a Gretsch treble boost sometime!


An interesting read. Battery powered guitars have always been impractical until they started putting little plastic boxes in solidbodies, or putting threaded inserts in.

A Sonic Boom in a box would be an interesting idea. It also doesn't look like it would be too hard to incorporate some switching to have a dual purpose SB/Rangemaster box, given the simple circuit, and extremely similar topolgies.


If you'd ever heard what they actually do to the guitar, then you might know why there's no real source for them.

I have a Rally, and it originally came with the little preamp, which was a horrible little thing, that by the sound of it, never revealed Gretsch's intention of boosting the treble. Instead, it howled at any level, like an instant feedback machine.

I took it to a renowned luthier who tried to make it better, but the best he could offer was replacing it with something worse.

Ultimately, I did the world a favor and removed it.

The HiLo pickups will work without the boost, and with some tweaking, they'll sound great on their own.

If you do proceed with this insanity, I wish you luck. Please don't post results. Think of the children.


Crow, do you still have that Rally? That was one of the coolest guitars I've ever played.


Still got it, Otter.

I don't play it at all anymore, but it's a unique thing, isn't it?

It'll probably stay around until I'm done.


I wouldn't bother with keeping the boost circuit myself, but this belongs to a collector of sorts and want the old switch replaced/ keeping original function


You can cannibalize one out of two Gretsch tone/standby switches. The original was probably originally a Switchcraft 12000 series custom switch-- it looks like it's essentially a DPDT switch with a center-off.

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