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I need a new tool…


What is the best file (pattern, grain, material removal per stroke) to round over the edges of frets that are just a bit high at the binding?

I saw a clip once from StewMac, taking off either side of the fret material looking top down, both Low E and High e smoothed over...

Both of these 2 MIC guitars are otherwise now a couple years into refinement...this is next.


I like a 3-corner file with a safe edge ground/polished on 1 corner. Glad I bought files when Nicholson was still made in the US. Even the foreign ones are pretty good, though.


I’m not sure I understand what you are asking:
Are the fret ends sticking out a bit and you want to shorten them?
Or are some frets a bit high and the notes are fretting out?

If a few frets are high I would first check if they still are seated well before you start lowering them.
To fix fret ends I really like this StewMac Fret End Dressing File
After that I sand a polish the frets.


More so when you run your hand up or down the neck there are high spots, edges, some a bit jagged. They need their ends rolled over and rounded...

Easy job for my Luthier, still want the right tool!

These weren't overly expensive guitars, goes with the territory.

There may be a little drift and shrinkage going on, too.


Ordered this morning using the StewMac $20 discount coupon...

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