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How speakers work (link)


If anyone's interested, an article I wrote on how speakers work, in this month's issue of Premier Guitar magazine, is online – a basic overview.

Speakers 101


Well written article. Thanks for the link! I'm always that Paul Klipsch (Klipschhorn) called loudspeakers "motors". They're basically the motor that drives an air pump. With all of the other designs for producing sound---electrostatic, plasma, etc.---the loudspeaker is still the most viable unit we have.


Excellent. Thanks for posting.


Thanks. The next article, on how pickups work, will be coming up in the next issue of Premier Guitar. Again, it's a basic explanation. I'll post a link to that one too when it's available online. - Dan


Very nice article. I'm always up to learning something new.


Excellent article!

Actually it was the first piece I read when my copy of P.G. arrived in the mail a few weeks ago.


Great stuff, thanks for sharing, WAY more than I ever knew


Thanks. The article I wrote for the upcoming issue, Pickups 101, was also published on the Premier Guitar website this week. I'll post that link in the pickups discussion section.

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