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How I make a 50’s Gretsch Chet Atkins sign post style guard


UPDATED the slideshow(You'll have to watch the whole thing again to see the finished result or skip to the middle.


If the Post Office doesn't call me in tomorrow I'll finish and post part 2!

Hope you like it. I've been meaning to do something like this for years so enjoy the slideshow and please forgive the terrible iPhone 3G pics!


That was fun! Thanks for taking the time to do those shots and posting it!


I guess I never realised how much work went into making one of these. Thx for posting.


Cool! It's fun to see the process, Paul.


Enjoyed and learned! Nice pics Thanx Paul


Magnificent report 8-) Thank you .


Cool Paul. Your Jeep appears to be keeping a careful eye on the proceedings.


I love that engraving machine!


that is to cool work Paul , hey show us how you do an arm rest and guard with flowers on it :) :) just teasing ya !!!!


Thanks guys and GAL!

I updated the slideshow, so click the link in the original post to see the rest of the process.

FWIW The engraved guards take a lot longer but you get the jest of it. Lots of hand sanding the edges takes a lot of the time as well as cutting the blanks and creating the artwork etc. Heck it's all labor intensive but I really enjoy making them. Wish I wasn't so far behind in my orders. I like to take my time and make something that I'd be proud to put on one of my own guitars. I wouldn't be doing these if it were not for you all so Thank You!!!

Yep Jim, that's my old 75 DJ Dispatcher Jeep I deliver out of when I'm not in an LLV.

Anne, soon my dear I promise! I'm excitied to do them as I've not done any Gibson/Epi flowers yet!

Hermitt, that old style engraver is fun to work. I'm still learning on it. I bought it from a company up north that was doing Fire Truck pumper labels etc.


Love this kind of stuff. Thanks for posting!


You are SERIOUSLY cool man.

Every time I get a comment about my guard or someone asks about guards, I'm like "talk to Setzer on the GDP man, end of story".


Same here... Setzer is the GDP pickguard guru! 8-)


Thank you! You all have made it happen!

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