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Help with a pedal?


The missus got a Loveless pedal by noisemaker effects on It arrived with the delay/reverb half non functional. Seller says "It worked when I shipped it, Noisemaker offers a lifetime warranty deal with them" Noisemaker doesn't respond to emails or social media contact attempts so I cracked it open looking for something dislodged in shipping. Right away I see a transistor that exploded and an electrolytic cap that looks a bit bulged on top.

It is a simple circuit based on the PT2399 chip. The text on the transistor is all gone except


Any ideas what it might have been?


Sounds like someone hooked up the wrong power supply to it. I've seen similar damage after that has happened. Hopefully, those are the only components that were damaged, and the unit will fire up after they've been replaced. I'll try to get a full identification on the transistor, that's not a usual transistor code, that I've seen, so cross referencing may be difficult. There are thousands of different types of transistors (this one looks like a 2N#### or BC#### type), so with a little luck, I may be able to help identify it.


fistpicker, do the 2 transistors on the small circuit board have matching codes? If so, they may have used the same transistor throughout the unit. Look for a code that has no spaces between the numbers and letters. Also see if they also have the L7 A GE on them. I'm having difficulty finding a reference to the L7 A GE. I'll keep at it for while, and try to find a reference, I'm just not seeing it in any of my transistor guides, or an internet search.


The two transistors on the fuzz board are different than the exploded unit on the delay board. Noisemaker clearly just put two of their pedal boards into one case for the loveless.

The text on blown unit is vertically oriented more like




with the right side of the case missing so it was probably something like




I cannot get the camera to focus on something that small and close which is frustrating.

Last Friday night we went to see My Bloody Valentine play in Portland and before the show she was discussing her guitar rig with friends and how she wished it was more compact. Someone mentioned this pedal so we found the only one on reverb. The seller shipped it fast! and we had it on Monday but it wasn't working. What I find curious is that the missing piece of this transistor was not inside the pedal, meaning someone opened it up before I did, but the seller insists it was working when they shipped it.

My circuit board level repairs are mainly building and troubleshooting megasquirt ECU's but without the schematic for the loveless I am just making wild guesses.


Tried with a different device. Hope you can see it now


I’ll look and see if I have one like that: L7..., it’s a GE brand.


I’ll look and see if I have one like that: L7..., it’s a GE brand.

– Setzer

I was thinking the same thing once I saw the close up picture, it's a GE transistor. I would agree with fistpickers assessment that the unit was previously opened up, the chips should have been rattling around inside. Thanks Setzer, I hope you can help our buddy out.


if you can't get it sorted, try the Keeley Loomer, which was well-reviewed and is easily available on Reverb. he said, brushing loose kitty hairs off his "Loveless" t-shirt.


I've never known a transistor to explode in transit, so I wouldn't waste a lot of time on the seller. Parts are cheap....replace the electrolytics, and the transistor, and plug in a new chip. The chip may or may not be OK, but it's an easy thing to replace, so just do it.


So I had a moment to look a bit deeper last night and the exploded bit takes power from the input and feeds pin one of the PT2399 so that would make it the 9-5VDC voltage regulator.

Looks like the one most folks use is the 7805 which seems a bit larger/heat sinked/heavier duty than this piece.

At any rate I am going to pick up a 7805 and a new 100uf cap today and see what happens


I did wind up fixing this thing for about 2 dollars with a 78L05 regulator and a 100uf electrolytic.

On its own the "delay" effect is pretty miserable and the fuzz is overwhelmingly fizzy but with both sides turned on it actually sounds pretty good. The missus is having a lot of fun with it and that is all that matters.

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