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Just wanted to let you all know about a company that sells nice tools for anyone who wants to do some work on their own guitars. It's called GUITARS AND WOODS and they are out of Portugal. But that is NO problem. They have quality tools at great prices, sometimes half or less than other luthier tool sellers. AND they take PayPal and all major credit cards. And they pack VERY well and are good to communicate back with you on shipping. You'd be surprised what you can do yourself if you only had the proper tools! Just a satisfied customer singin' the praises!! Anyone else had any dealin's with these great folks? It won't cost a thang to check'em out!! Thanks, Steve


Hey Steve, thanks for the heads up on the guitar tools. I'm always looking for a good source for Luthier tools. I've got a few, and I'm looking for more high quality tools. I'll definitely check them out!


Yes I know them, I have ordered there in the past and just placed another order a minute ago. It's a great source for Europe (EU), although shipping can add up, you don't get any customs taxes charged. Last time I used them I got my order within five days, in The Netherlands.

That said, it does pay off to shop around. For example, I got a Dremel router base for a whole lot less at Stewmac (was at a discount at the time).


I got a Wilkinson wrap around bridge from them at less than half price via Amazon, I took a punt knowing that it's easy to get my money back. Well four days later my Tokai Les Paul Jnr plays in tune.


Yes, I order there regularly too. Good stuff at good prices, and fast.
And just like with StewMac, I love browsing their website looking at all the tools.


Received my order today, again within five days including a weekend. Nice and fast, very well packed, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and tape, lots of tape! They tape every single thing together so it can't move anywhere in the box. Unfortunately a piece of wood did get a bump in the corner, that will be sawed off so that's okay. All the rest is looking good! Will start a new build project soon...

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