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Gretsch Roundup tooled leather body binding


Hi guys, I would love to buy a Roundup, but three children and a mortgage just won't allow it sadly. Well, I had a notion of buying a more affordable Gretsch model and creating a sort of tribute to the Roundup. Anyway, I have a compressor and decent spray gun and am competent with working with hand tools, so I'd really like to get this idea into motion. The only thing I'd be needing which I can't find so far, is the leather tooled binding that follows the contour of the body. Are there any sources out there re-creating this part. Thanks guys


Hi Dave!

I, and I'm sure a whole lot if us can sympathize with you, being family men, mortgage, etc...

I'd love to see your take on it, but remember that there's a bit of a channel where that leather sits, I believe it sits at the depth of the leather.


Are you referring to the tooled leather strap itself? Have you considered a Walnut Gretsch strap?:

I have both the strap and the guitar and when I try to line up, it's about an eighth of an inch shy of the width and about 2 inches short of a full wrap so you would need 2, then not have the latch holes. There are 2 pieces with the join under the tailpiece. It's the right color!


If you’re handy with tools why not get some leather and tool it yourself? It’d cost next to nothing and the job satisfaction element would be huge.

Plus you can customise it to be a bit more personal. Think of it like tattoos for your guitar.


Here's the strap and guitar:


Wow, that’s close f’sure. I had no idea it’d be that close, I assumed the guitar wrap would be a fair bit wider.


I went to the local crafts places that taught leather tooling and asked if anyone wanted to make a few bucks. If you want a bunch, get the machine and have a wheel made.

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