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Gretsch G9240 string binding



I'm having some problems with string binding, where esp. the D won't tune up smoothly all the time. Instead it's as if the string remains stuck somewhere and then gets unstuck (audibly) which causes tuning to jump up.

Is this a common issue with (certain) Gretsch guitars?


That very much sounds like the nut needs some attention. It can happen that there is a burr in the nut and the string gets hung up on it until a certain amount of tension breaks it free, causing that "boink" sound.

Either use a nut file on it or take it someone qualified to address it. Also, this is most likely a warranty issue, so you can take it back to the dealer where you purchased it and have them sort it out.




And as long as you hear that "dink" it will not stay in tune.

Super easy fix.


That can also happen if you switch to a larger gauge of strings, with a nut slot cut for a smaller gauge.

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