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Hi Everyone,

I'm knew and need to be enlightened. Thanks in advance for your help.

First: My Black Falcon Player's edition has the stock bar bridge. Gretsch advertises the bridge is pinned. I discovered the bridge can move forward and aft. Does the ebony base have slots vs. circles? If I were to purchase another bridge all the photos show circles.

Second: I would like to improve tuning and intonation. The guitar is fine for rock and roll but if you want to slip in some Hendrx, Mayer or Mayfield using triads at different neck positions it's a challenge to get the everything lined up. If the 12th fret appears to be intoned, is the issue my nut? My G string also goes out of tune post bend even though I stretch the string like and SOB and tune up. Seems to take 15 minutes of heavy stretching in tandem with Bigsby to get it to settle in. I really just want to trust my strobe tuner and be able to play triads anywhere on the neck without minor ear adjustments to get the thing close. I don't have the ears of Prince but it is noticeable.

I've read about the Tru Arc Serpentune and contacted them for info. Hoping to hear from them.

Any advice would be welcome.



Welcome aboard. It sounds like a Nut issue, as usual.


Be patient. Sometimes Proteus can be slow to respond as TruArc is his side hustle / labor of love. But most of us find it worth the wait. Unless you’re a windmilling Pete Townshend sort, you may be happier with a floating bridge than a pinned one. Just make sure you rub some violin rosin on the underside to help it stick in place. Have you changed strings? Gs get fussy at the nut when making the switch from plain to wound.


Thanks everyone for your response. I just saw a video post on another thread. Start with tuner and adjust by ear. You need to be slightly out of tune in certain areas to bring the instrument in tune with itself. I was getting tuning OCD relying strictly on the clip on strobe. Worried I had a $3600 lemon.

I think I'm going to go with Tru Arc Serpentune vs. the Gretsch Acoustomatic.

Better have my nut looked at.


No lemon there and we love our Tru-Arcs. Congrats


I don't like to let others look at my nuts. I do it myself at home in privacy.


Just ordered a Tru Arc Serpentune from Tim. Tim is very passionate and knowledgeable. I'll let you know how it works out in a few weeks as Guitar techs are always 1-2 weeks out in Seattle.

I'm going to stop looking at my nut right now


Have Tim's new Tru ARC Serpentune. What an intonation improvement! Looks great and sound great. To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, "If one has the means I highly recommend it" If one doesn't get in anyway you won't be sorry.


Points for using ‘my nut’ and ‘my G string’ in succession without laughing. Double points for saying ’intoned’ instead of ‘intonated’.

Tru-Arc - only way to go.


Yep. Can’t speak highly enough of Tru-Arc. Both Proteus and the product are top notch. Those bridges are making their way onto all my Gretsch’s. The world sounds just that little bit better because of him.


Thanks, fellers! I always appreciate the happy endings.


Thanks, fellers! I always appreciate the happy endings.

Triple points for that one.

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