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Gold Sparkle Binding


Hello from Germany. I am looking for the original Gretsch Gold Sparkle Binding which Gretsch uses for the custom Falcon models. I've seen that the custom guitars and also the new Standard Falcon / Penguin Acoustic models have thicker binding (clear layer over the Sparkle) than the standard Gretsch Falcon guitars. Does anyone know which company produces this material for Gretsch or where can I get it?


Unless things have just changed, the vintage binding is the only gold sparkle binding that has the clear layer over the sparkle, and it hasn't been available for a long, long time.

Looking over the newest pics of Falcons, and CS Falcons, they are using the same modern style (drum wrap) binding that Gretsch has used for quite a while, and it doesn't have the clear layer over it.

If you have pics of this "new" binding with the clear, that would be interesting to see. If Gretsch has changed to this, it has just happened, and I haven's seen pics or heard of this change.


JD, when I first read the OP, I guessed that you might be one of the first one's to respond, given your history on this topic with Zuma.

I have to say that I have a 2014 CS Penguin which has the gold sparkle binding on it and I didn't perceive any significant difference in its binding with the binding on my 2004 White Falcon, nor a 2015 Black Falcon.

It would be helpful to see what the binding on the OP's guitar.


I'm with you on this Bob. I would like to see a pic of this binding on a new Gretsch.

I'm not aware of Gretsch changing anything on the gold sparkle binding that it has been using, and like you, they look all the same and without that clear layer on top.

Once you've seen the vintage binding with the clear top layer, it's a notable difference compared to the modern binding. No confusing the two.


My modern Custom Shop Penguin has a clear layer on top. I can't get good pics. I'll try again later.


UG, post some more when you can. Those gold flakes look larger than what they have been using, like the larger vintage flakes!


I don't know if this illustration helps, but the clearish layer on old Falcons was much thicker.


I don't know if this illustration helps, but the clearish layer on old Falcons was much thicker.

– Afire

Thanks Afire, that's what I was talking about. The clear layer is thick, and at different angles, makes the gold flakes look a mile deep.


Here's a pic of my previous '04 Falcon, and the flakes on the heel stock are larger than the body binding, which has a "finer/smaller" flake. No actual clear layer on either.

Rick12, I'm thinking that this looks like the examples that you own.

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