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Glue for Brass Nut


The brass nut on my Gent came loose. Fits the nut groove well, but slides out.

I've got all the strings off right now for a few other things, so I thought that I would reglue it in place.

Looks like the factory glue was applied only on the fretboard side of the nut. None on the bottom/neck side of the nut.

I never use a CA type of glue on a guitar, just white or carpenters glue.

Any thoughts on glue for this is appreciated.


Barge. Just a little.


Well you discounted the glue I would have suggested! CA glue is just about perfect for this job because it is so brittle that if you ever wanted to remove the nut a decent whack would remove it with no damage to the guitar. Obviously white glue wouldn't be ideal - it isn't about to soak into the brass.

All you would need is two small spots - very small - of CA and you're good to go.


Thanks for this info Jimmy. I had thought of CA, but the general rule is to not use a CA on an instrument.

That said, I realize that brass isn't going to stick very well by its nature. Add the "big" headstock of the Gent, and there's a lot of side pull on the nut.

Thanks again.


Well Dan Erlwine seems to use it for everything! I agree that it does seem somehow wrong but maybe that's only because CA glue is a fairly recent kind of glue? I don't know where the rule comes from.

I'm not so sure about any contact adhesive for this job. I'd want something harder and with less volume.

Let us know what you end up with - I'm interested!


A medium CA is just the ticket. The fact that it doesn't stick that well to brass is a feature, not a bug.


Thanks. Guitar still "on the bench," and haven't done the nut yet.

Looking like a few small dabs of a CA just may be the ticket.

Slow moving project, but in the end, she should be better than ever.

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