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Gent binding replacement, capturing the process.


I'm retiring from 4 ply double cut binding jobs. I have a few more sitting around that I'm finishing up (starting). I'm going to attempt to document the process with video and pictures as I proceed. I hope that this translates to people replacing their own binding or someone decides to set up shop. I plan to continue working with 2 ply, it's infinitely easier to work with.



I'm very much looking forward to your documentation!


Here's video #1 of the process, binding removal.


Absolutely fascinating to watch! Thanks Curt.


Wonderful stuff Curt.

I just subscribed to your channel and I'll be watching each and every instalment.


Cool stuff, Curt! Thanks for sharing this. Also subscribed..


That is very cool. To me, one of the coolest parts was hearing your voice. Miss ya, man.


Like so many others, I'm going to be viewing this thread with a keen interest. I've looked at many of your repair slides, and I'm amazed by your craftsmanship, Curt. I've seen where you're said "anybody can do this", I would tend to agree. However, I don't believe that everybody could do it well. I think that few people could do what you do well.

I'm a tobacco pipe maker, it is a bona fide trade, that has a methodology and a whole set skills. I apprenticed for 3 full year, before I set up shop on my own. I learned to make every single component from scratch. I believe that anyone could make a tobacco pipe, but I also believe that few people could do it well.

These types of things require more than just following instructions. They require creativity, an eye for minute detail, and lots of patience. They also require perseverance, and a high tolerance for frustration. Not everyone is willing to stick with it long enough to gain experience.

Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. I'm good with working with my hands, on items like repairing electronics, leather tooling, and pipe making, but I'm not so good with many other things, like painting or drawing a picture. My attempts to draw or paint end up looking like a child did it. I have absolutely no talent in that area of art.


Why do only the Filtertron era guitars need this?


Why do only the Filtertron era guitars need this?

– Billy Zoom

And some makes with P90's


A funny thing happened on the way to installing binding, a crazy loose neck.


That's cool. thanks for making the video.


Wow. I've been binge-watching seasons one of "Nurse Jackie" and "Ozark." Both shows are very cool but this was ever bit as entertaining. Thanks!


I'm enjoying this. Beautiful guitar.


I'm enjoying this. Beautiful guitar.

– Enis Penvy

Same here.


Same here.

– Baba Joe

Oh yeah.


Thank you so much for making these videos, it's very cool to see how it's done! I still have the old Annie which I intend to rebind myself. These videos will be very helpful! I'm looking forward to next posts.


This is great,and so far it's stuff I've actually done. What I'm most interested in is how you flush everything up without messing up existing vintage finish. I'm hoping there is some trade tip to make it easier than scraping one molecule at a time until it's perfectly flush.


Unfortunately there's no trick or tip. You'll see that I use a #9 razor blade, a P90 respirator and lots of tape on my fingers. When you work the binding your fingers become your eyes. You can feel things that you can't see.


Curt, thanks so much for taking the time to make and share these videos! Lots of great tips, thank you!


Thanks for posting those videos. Especially the neck video. Very interesting.


Is it at all feasible to hire a junior or an apprentice or the like for the binding removal work?

I'm sure there is a zen and therapeutic nature to your own quiet space.

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