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G9240 Alligator tailpiece alignment and correction



I just noticed that the tailpiece on my new Alligator not perfectly centred (nor is the wooden knobby thingy that probably doesn't serve any purpose other than a strap attachment point?)

I estimate that the tailpiece is about 2-3 mm off-centre in the direction of the high strings, leading to a visible but not eye-catching deviation of the strings below the bridge compared to above the bridge. The biscuit itself is shifted slightly compared to the cover plate but I am not certain the cover plate is perfectly centred. The cone itself may be slightly shifted in the well.

How common is this, how much of a potential problem and how easy for a luthier to correct when he checks the set-up? Can this somehow have been done on purpose (there seem to be markings in the paint just left of the tailpiece's right "foot", as if they started to mount it in a more centred location and then had a change of heart).

Thing is, I already find the low E string closer to the fingerboard edge than comfortable for my absolute beginners' technique; centring the tailpiece will only make that worse, if anything.

The guitar will be going to a luthier (who doesn't see a lot of resonators) for a set-up check-up and the cutting of an additional nut. The strings will thus probably be coming off, a good occasion for moving the tailpiece. How long are those 4 screws holding the tailpiece (longer than their diameter suggests I hope?!)

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