The Workbench

For those that like to watch.


The CNC learning curve has been slower than a turtle for me. The precision and the speed are a thing of beauty.


Very cool. The OCD part of me finds it extremely satisfying. And the dust collection system is impressive - doesn't look like there's much to clean up afterwards. Approximately how long did it take from start to finish?


Actual tool time about two hours, me doing a set up with each tool change and distractions, six hours.


Cool! Looks like my Harmony Stratotone.


Cool! Looks like my Harmony Stratotone.

– hilosean

With a dual action truss rod.


Man. A machine that knows how to make guitars! The singularity is upon us.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice that cars hiss by your window.


Are you worried about that knot in your headstock? Stabilize it with epoxy?


This one is my prototype, I’m going vacuum bag it with west system epoxy. Once I know everything is where it should I’ll start building several.


Man. A machine that knows how to make guitars! The singularity is upon us.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice that cars hiss by your window.

– Proteus

Think of it as a pelk machine for wood.


Wow. That is very impressive. So this is a pine-laminate neck-through kind of beastie? Is the neck offset? Please feel free to keep posting; I'm hooked.


It’s based off my 51 Strat-O-Tone, neck thru design. The issue with those guitars was all about the neck shifting after years of string tension which lead to practically no break angle over the bridge. So the neck is flat on the body and the difference is a dual action truss rod. It gets a fingerboard glued to the neck.

The wood is 200+ year old Douglas Fir, Harmony used Poplar. It’s solid wood with a couple wings glued on.


They look so cool, but I still can't edit in ProTools nearly as fast as I can with a razor blade & splicing tape. I'm afraid it would be just another frustration.


I’ve got dibs on one.


Very cool, Curt !


What I wanna know is how you got away with setting it up on the dining room table! I would get in SO much trouble with the wife if I tried that one.


It’s only 800lbs, she helps me move it when it’s dinner time.


Looks like a Biesemeyer fence on your table saw/work bench there. Single best upgrade I ever made on any machine. I wish my shop were as orderly............and gothic.


So, once you've done this set up to make something, can the machine "save" your settings so you don't have 6 hours (I know, distractions) to set it up for that job again?


Dave, It's all in my laptop, the issue is when I send it to the flash drive the handheld unit makes it difficult to read. I just ordered 20 flash drives so I can post each task to a separate drive which is way better in the long run. Also it'll help with the different features, neck only, bridge only or both. Oh, the pick guards too.


Simply amazing! Woodworking technology at its finest. I'd be careful, Curt, it may become self aware, at some point, and put you out of business!

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