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First two “Official” customers


Here are the first two official customers of In-Tune Guitar Works. Nothing special on these two. The Applause came in for a fret polish, fretboard oiling, string change, loose soundhole rosette. and setup. The Aria bass is a before photo and will get a thorough cleaning, fret polish, fretboard oiling, pots cleaned, string change and setup.

Some of you know that I’ve been doing a little work on the side for people over the past several years. I’m starting slow and small and will expand my capabilities as time goes on. As it stands now, I’m comfortable doing setups, fretwork, making new nuts and saddles, minor finish repairs, hardware/mechanical work and soldering/electronics. I’m not yet ready to take on stainless steel frets or neck resets unless the neck is a bolt on. I own a Gibson J-160e that will likely be my first good guitar neck reset patient.


Aria bass. Bass is probably not worth what will go into it, but the owner is willing to pay because of sentimental reasons.


Cool way to retire. Congrats and good luck.


Cool way to retire. Congrats and good luck.

– Baba Joe

What he said.


Good for you! Doing what you love! That Aria looks really cool. Like Gibson Ripper.


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We all need proficient, interested, and knowledgable contacts...


Great start on your new life!!! Have fun!!

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