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About 10 months back, I indulged in a beautiful dark mahogany topped Taylor T5z. The deal was good, I was interested, money changed hands at one of their "Road Shows" and I brought it home. So far, so good. Plugged in or not, that little electro-acoustic git-box has been even better than I thought. But... that "satin" finish, it's been well, a little disappointing.

I should have known better- nearly 30 years ago I was sold on a pair of spruce top Takamines which were finished with a "satin" sheen (ie- not flat, not really shiny), and after about two years, I could tell which one I played more by the way the shine was developing under my sleeve and where the pick-guard should have been. Fast forward- I still have one of those Taks and it looks almost like a polished finish, nearly no satin patina to it. On to the Taylor.

I guess if I had given it some thought at all, I may have assumed that the finishing gods had managed to make a satin surface more durable than it was back in the 80's. However, it looks like that may not be true.

At six months, I noticed a gentle shine beginning to appear where the pickguard should have been (they don't come with one, and I had turned down the offer of a clear one at no charge for the obvious reason). Now, at nine months along, the shine is almost full-on gloss, just like my old Tak.

It's not a ba-a-d look, but still in all, hasn't the world of wood finishing come up with something a little more durable after all these years?

I'm going to call Taylor in the morning. They have a rep for being responsive, and though I have no idea what can be done, I'll see what they have to say about it. Meantime-

Short of a scuffer of some sort, does anyone have any idea how to "restore" a satin finish short of re-shooting it with satin varnish?


Superfine steel wool.

My taylor GS mini has a shiny neck now I have no problem with it A Satin finish can usually be buffed up to gloss and visa versa That's what happened to your guitar, It's normal Out of curiousity, how is it a problem?


I guess it's really not a "problem" per se, but the satin finish was a bit of a selling point to me. Haven't fallen out of love with it or anything like that (played it tonight for a while in fact), but I do feel a touch disappointed that the finish has changed already.

I suppose if my shiny Gretch suddenly turned a little dull, I would be a little put off by that, too. In the end, all is simply cosmetic, and as one wag put it to me elsewhere - "It means the guitar is loved!"

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