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Finish Question: Nitro over Deft?


I'm getting around to repairing my grandfathers balalaika. He did a lot of mods (neck/soundboard reinforcement, tuners etc.) but he seems to have used a furniture finish which looks suspiciously like Deft -- you can see the drip marks. I'm repairing part of the headstock where the finish has worn off and I wanted to do it "right" and use some StewMac spray can nitro -- at least enough to protect the wood. Would using the nitro over the Deft/whatever cause any weird chemical reactions?


If you're referring to this Deft, it IS nitro. It might have additives to prevent yellowing. As always, try a little first in an inconspicuous place.


Thanks for responding! I'll give that a try.


I've used Deft and other Nitro finishes together (clear Deft over Reranch color) with great results. Like Powdog said, Deft is Nitro. I don't think you'll have any weird reactions.


While deft is nitro and easily available, it does take much longer to cure and is softer than other nitros I used. After doing a guitar's clear coat in deft, I decided it was better for me to just spend more and get harder and quicker lacquer. Again, it is nitro and should melt in fine (plus, it's cheap), just not my preference. I prefer reranch or stewmac for available online.

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