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Falcon/Penguin sparkle headstock inlay


I've never actually seen one of these up close. Anybody have any idea how they do it? Is it that sparkle drum covering inlaid in wood? Or is there some sort of acrylic veneer? It looks like that is how they did it back in the Brooklyn days - plastic inlaid in a plastic veneer.



Not sure how they do it, but it sure looks must be inlayed somehow, as it is completely smooth to the touch...

Here's mine:


interesting, I was wondering if it was recessed at all. Just found this recent listing that sort of answers my questions about the old days

"I recently received a box that contained a bunch of 1960s guitar parts and this was in there. This headstock veneer had a paper coating on the front. I removed the paper coating and there is old residue from that on the front which gives it some discoloration. Buyer will want to remove that residue. The Gretsch logo and wings do not have inlay letters installed and the tuner holes have not been drilled. I am not into restoring a white falcon so I figured someone out there can use this for a restoration or a new project. I added pictures with some dimensions. thanks"


The gold is the same product as the binding.


You have to carefully remove the celluloid.


Then cut out the void around the letters and then paint.


Well, here's my 14, I can just feel a little indent.


Wow thanks Curt. So you drop the letters in individually? You use some kind of filler or you get a tight fit how?


I trace the letters then cut out the sheet of celluloid.


And you can hand cut the sheet with enough precision to get a snug fit? That is impressive.

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