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Electromatic Jet replacement necks?


had a question for anyone who could point me in the right direction:

Im looking to source a temporary replacement neck for the guitar portion ( not the bari) of the Gretsch G5566 bari/ regular guitar doubleneck (both necks are bolt ons).

There aent any issues with it, but at some point id like to get the existing neck scalloped and refretted with stainless steel frets. (new nut, too, while im at it).

However, that would leave the instrument neckless for a while, which isnt good, so im wondering where to go for a temporary neck when the time comes. Would any of our dealers have access to parts like that, or should i just reach out to Joe Carducci? and if so, hows the best way to contact him?


You can find them sometimes on eBay.

– drmilktruck

i would want to make sure its either the neck from the G5566 or else confirm that other electromatic bolt-on jet necks have the same neck pocket specs. .. could Joe confirm that?


The 16XX series bolt on Synchro necks would do as well.

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