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Duane Eddy Handle

26 evil plan has been discovered!

Actually, I've never seen this happen. Not once in forty years of being around these guitars. (Did I just say forty?) The handle falls off? For real?


They fall off?!


The only issue I have with the Duane handle is that they always seem to loosen themselves.

I've never heard of this happening to any Bigsby handle much less a Duane Eddy handle. Not saying it didn't happen, but you may well be the first to bring this up.


Can someone succinctly state what differentiates the DE handle from the butter knife handle? I am assuming that there must be greater mass beneath the top of the handle that can't be seen in overhead photographs. To me, they look very similar.

– Ric12string

The DE handle is cast aluminum, the stock handle is stamped steel


Seriously, I have had the Duane handle on two different 6120s and both times they loosened themselves from the rest of the Bigsby. I thought it was a well-known problem! It's the only reason I don't have one on my SSLVO right now. I love the Duane handle - I agree, it's the best. No flex, so the feel is perfect.

Now you guys have made me want to put it back on! I use nylock nuts and everything, and on my RHH it was stock from the factory.


If any handle literally loosens up and falls off, it wasn't assembled properly.

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