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Drowned 6120TM (cross post with Modern)


Cross posted from Modern Gretsch Guitars:

Hi guys.

As some of you may know, my home flooded on Labor Day, and most of my guitars were ruined. One that I thought was salvageable is my 6120TM. Cosmetically looked fine, had a local shop clean it up and just replaced the wiring harness and pickups with TV Jones (T-Armond in the neck and Supertron in the bridge). Plugged it in and it works, but there was some bad buzzing from the low strings.

Adjusted my Tru-Arc bridge, and from the look it seems that the neck may have twisted a bit; there is some minor cracking at the binding on the low side near the root of the neck, and the low side of the bridge is about 1/4" higher than the other to get it playable. Also a little discoloration under the finish along a line just below the binding on both sides.

My question is to Curt or any other luthier who might look in: is it worth trying to have the neck reset, and if so, how much might that cost?

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