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Double sided tape


I've decided to try tape first rather than pin the bridge on my 6118T. Does anyone have a specific brand they have used successfully? I guess by successfully I mean without damage to the guitar's finish. TIA.

Or these?


Have you tried a little violin rosin? It worked for me on a Guild archtop and there's less chance of damaging the guitar top.


Dave is right, try violin rosin. I also just use single sided masking tape. You can stick it to the bridge feet, trim off the excess, works great also. I think double sided tape would be too thick, and hurt tone, and the bridge would not sit flush.


Sounds like sound (geddit?) advice, thanks.


There is a violin repair shop in our office complex. I really need to go there check out the rosin.


Scotch Double Sided Poster tape is very thin and shouldn't mar your finish and holds well enough that the bridge base won't fall off during string changes. I know violin resin will keep the bridge from moving while playing but I don't know if it will hold the base on if the strings are removed.

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