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Do You Have Troubles With Your Standard Bigsby at String Changes?


I am not sure that I have seen this Stringray device discussed on the GDP before. For most of the Bigsby veterans, keeping a string's ball end on the Bigsby pin isn't much of an issue. However, for others, it is. (This is most likely the reason why the Player's Edition Gretsch guitars come equipped with string-through Bigsbys now.)

This seems like a pretty easy way to keep your strings in place as you run them through the tuners and tighten them up to tension. I can't really see exactly how this works, but I sense that it is like an oversized clothes pin that may have a spring in it that clamps it down upon the string when in place.

Has anyone seen or used one of these before?


Another solution to a problem I've never had. Although it could help long haired folks keep their fringe out of their eyes whilst stringing up.


I have a couple Stringrays and they work just fine. I also use the Gretsch branded foam eraser shaped thingee that you slip under the posts.

They all work better sober and when you're not in a hurry!

Good luck!


David, how does this device work? Is there a spring in it, like I suggested above?


Omg how is this even a thing?

– JazzBoxJunky



WTF!? If ya gotta use that you’ve never driven a car with a manual transmission, brakes and steering!


There are people who are not as well-versed in changing strings with a Bigsby, even if you all aren't among them. I can imagine that this device makes it easier for them to change the strings on their Bigsby-fied guitar. I am not sure why the piling on, although I did anticipate it to an extent in my original post.

Whatever makes it easier for people to enjoy their Gretsch guitar, I say "fine."


Not from the remarks in this thread, that is for certain.

With a device like this Stringray, they don't have to choose to learn to do it like some of the rest of us do it.


Stringing a Bigsby is far easier than a Floyd.


Yes, it’s like a woman’s hair clip that fits a Bigsby.


Always looking out for his fellow players, Duane specified longer pins on the Bigsbys on his signature Gretsches.


Changing strings was a cuss filled event until someone here suggested a capo.


Always looking out for his fellow players, Duane specified longer pins on the Bigsbys on his signature Gretsches.

– Deed Eddy

So why in the world couldn't they make it a standard feature on all Bigsbys?? That would solve that little annoying problem, especially when it comes to low E and A strings to put on...

I love Bigsbys, but whoever runs it is not the sharpest tool in the shed.


While I don't have any particular problem with stringing standard Bigsbys, B5s and B7s, and probably other tension-bar models, can be a little more of a challenge to keep the ball where it's supposed to be while threading it over the bridge and under the bar, and in those cases, I can see the benefit of a tool like this. I have one of those Bigsby foam wedges I won in a Roundup raffle, and I use it when I know where it is, but I often misplace it immediately thereafter and go without it until my next bench cleaning. I cleaned the workbench this long weekend and found it again, along with myriad other things I'd forgotten the whereabouts of, so maybe next string change I'll try it again.


So what's the advantage to the pin style Bigsby from the through bar? Is there one, other than 'authenticity'?(edit: other than stringing the guitar)

THis thread dose remind me, it's time to change strings on a couple of Gretsches....


I have a bigsby buddy,one of those foam rubber thingy's and I have used it but as long as you keep tension on the string, it isn't too difficult. The clip looks like another smart idea but it sure would be nice if they would manufacture them with the extended pins or holes through the bar, like some are.


It took my lead guitarist an hour and a half changing strings on his dime bag dean with a floyd rose but he figured out halfway through that he was going to lighter strings than what it came with and his relief kept changing as he went along. He was very frustrated. I could have changed strings on several bigsby guitars, in that amount of time.


I taught a guy how to re-string his White Falcon the other day. I use the capo method and he was re-stringing like a pro in 10 minutes.


I have a Bigsby Vibramate string spoiler on my Les Paul goldtop. Makes changing strings a breeze.


Changing strings sucks.

I've got the foam wedge, but I don't use it since its another thing to deal with and only saves like 30 seconds off a string change. I don't even use the capo anymore. I just hate changing strings on bigsbys.

Nothing fun about it.


Some of you guys act like it's not a hassle. It's always a hassle and I know how to do it.

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