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DIY fake celluloid


I think I just found a pretty cool way to fake the look of old translucent celluloid Pickguards, and it's way cheaper then any other alternative I've seen so far, plus I got everything I needed at my local hardware-store.

I'm going to reveal how I did it, but I think I'll let you guess first

This is the result of my experiment:


I put this Gibby-style pickguard together for less then 2€ in parts


I was eager to get that translucent look


Looks sufficiently celluloidal to me. Good work!


Nice! I’ll guess use painted the back of a clear plexiglass pg.


My guess would be that you used a translucent glass paint, on the back side of a clear pick guard.


I'm guessing you're out of toilet paper.


That looks really nice! I'm all for custom parts on a low budget!


Shelving paper on plexiglass?


Celluloid is just fake tortoise shell.

It also burns easily, and smells terrible when it does. It can be explosive under certain conditions. That's why it was outlawed for movie film use. It was also used for removable collars on men's shirts long ago. It was really the first usable plastic.

As others have guessed, I'd go with paint on plexi.


I’m going with a wood stain...


Okay, guess it's time for the reveal: Most of you were in the ballpark!

I grabbed a scrap piece of clear Plexiglass (0,70€) and painted the backside with shellac. I mixed up a second Part of shellac which i stained darker. I proceeded to let that drip onto the still wet backside of the Plexiglass and let it run. Of course that resultet in a thick layer which took about a week to dry, but once it was Set i was able to cut out my pg-shape and attach the binding (some White pvc strip i found for 1€) I just used regular super glue for that. Cut the overlapping binding down and then did a lot of sanding with a nail File. For the final polishing i used my girlfriends nail buffer (pretty awesome thing actually) to get rid of all the sanding marks.

Now i only need to do the cutouts and drilling.



Wow. Gooey. Nice job. Looks great.


I've slapped a lot of paint on walls. Scenery, houses, and so on. I've done a fair amount of faux painting techniques. Your project is impressive.


Nice! Now I know what I'm going to do the next time I get a blonde Gretsch.


Pickguard installation complete:


Really happy with how this turned out:


I like how in the last pic, you can actually see the pickguard bracket shine through.


Yep, that looks really nice!

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