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difficulty with entering my guitar on site


hi there. New to this site, as I was just gifted a Gretsch. When I tried to enter the information about the guitar, it did not give me the option of entering 1958. So I tried "unknown" but it would not let me proceed without choosing other options. I am going by the serial number, which your site indicated was from 1958 (27***). It also says Anniversary Model with a picture of a diamond on the headboard, which seems to be 1958. Please let me know how to proceed with finding out more about my guitar. Thanks!


Hi Elizabeth. Welcome to the Gretsch pages. Can't help you personally, but stand by and one of the more experienced (at the procedure you are trying to complete) will be along to answer your question. Lot's of helpful people here. Meanwhile, congrats on your new Gretsch. Sounds like you have a classic winner there! Hope to see more of your posts in the future...


Welcome aboard, Elizabeth! Forum member Tartan Phantom should be able to help you.


Grettings, Elizabeth. The site only allows you to post one picture at a time and usually you have to post from a separate site (but don't quote me on this). While the site info isn't always up-to-date, your Annie with a #277xx makes it from the very first batch of Annies; this is from Ball's manual of Gretsch Guitars 1950's, which is the source for vintage Gretsch info. Post your pictures on the "Vintage Gretsch" area and everyone can pitch in with info about it. Someone gave you a great gift!


calling Tartan Phantom ! calling Tartan Phantom ! your assistance is needed.


Rob to the rescue!


Hey now, what's all the commotion in here? ☺️

Elizabeth, sorry to hear that you are having problems.. send me a direct email, and I'll see if we can get this thing fixed for you. Send to:

(Replace the "ATgeemail" with "@gmail")


It sounds like you selected the wrong era. You would want the "golden era -- 1954 to 1967" When you select that era, then 1958 will be one of the available years.


Baxter nailed it. The correct era drop-down must be selected first to properly access the correct year.

It's set up this way so that we don't have people submitting 2003 Gretsch Bikini models, or 1997 Gretsch Red River Dave models.


Which has happened.


Ok, Elizabeth-- I found your aborted database submission, and I've corrected it as best I can from the photo and the info you already supplied.

Click this link to view...

I have left the "need help" flag in place, primarily so that some of our other members can weigh in and clarify certain aspects-- like the uncommon black finish.

Elizabeth, please feel free to edit your guitar entry at any time-- you can access it directly from your personal profile page; and please fill in the "story" section about how you got the guitar... we love stories around here, and it gives the guitar some individual character.


Beautiful Guitar. Welcome to our forum.


Welcome to the GDP Elizabeth!

Lovely guitar,it looks like the rosewood fingerboard was ebonized at some point ,maybe when the black finish was applied, and has began to wear off over the years.


Elizabeth, I've uploaded the photo of the back of the headstock to the vintage page under "Sixties 6117 Black Annie." Keep an eye there as you appear to have a mid-60's custom color Annie -- which is special.

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