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Cool old v-profile Harmony


Water Damage, cracked, warped and brown sugar glue. Turned out lovely!


Great player! Action is super low and the sound is great!


I still say the Chicago Three -- Valco, Harmony and Kay were the coolest. But by the end of the 60s it was over for them all. Harmony and Kay may have merged for a bit towards the end.

My National Valco bass is great. Kay Value Leader bass (when I find one WITH adjustable truss rod) will also be cool.

Never had an archtop like this one tho.


My first acoustic was an old Harmony archtop like that. I was young and it was quite old, but honestly, I never had any complaints about how it sounded or played. My recollection of it is that I liked it quite a bit. I have no idea what happened to it. It was replaced by a 1940s Gibson L-7, but I can't imagine I bothered to sell it in the 1990s. It would have been worth next to nothing. I suppose I probably gave it to somebody.


Lovely old guitar, I'm glad you fixed it up and continue to play it.


I just bought a lot of 6 of them

May have some questions

Love the old archtops,, My original broadway, signed by Buddy Guy got stomped to death by a really upset woman Long story

Been in love with em ever since


Wish I still had that old Harmony Sovereign I once did.

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