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Clear Pickguard, Decal & Paint from Rear


I need to replicate a Hofner "treble clef" headstock plate. It's made out of clear plastic, with artwork airbrushed in gold from rear and then the rear is painted black. The effect is shiney black plastic with gold lettering.

I thought I'd get some 1/8" acrylic from Home Despot, put a decal on the rear, and paint the rear black. I searched and found RC guys painting clear plexi/lexan/polycarbonate with a special polycarbonate paint. They mention that if painting over a light color that it has to be first covered with silver paint to make it opaque.

I'm guessing I'd need to do this over the back of the gold HOFNER decal before painting it black. Sounds tedious and a good way to make it look unprofessional as I'd have to handpaint it. Then again, I could make the stroke around the letters black and wide.

Anyone done this that can offer me some tips? Much appreciated!


You could get a signwriter to cut you a vinyl mask, Setzer here could do it for you.


Contact Paul Setzer and he'll make you one that looks like it came from the factory with it.

CLICK HERE to send him a PM.


What's the Hofner?

I recall looking into this before, with someone who had a broken fascia: he'd bought a new replacement one, but it was much thicker than the original.

The Hofner ones aren't simply a screen-print on the back: they're actually machined in (in reverse), and then filled with that odd shade of what was possibly originally white, but seems to vary between cream, custard and mustard these days.

We could tell this by looking at the ends of the broken one.

Hopefully, Paul S still has the pics I emailed him: one was a scan of the new replacement fascia, so ought to provide the basis for some artwork.

Otherwise, you could try approaching Hofner themselves: they make some vintage repros which use the same sort of fascia (Clubs, 500/1 bass), and might be willing to provide one. It's still a small enough company to have time for individuals, and an interest in their heritage.



Further to the above, should have read a bit more closely: the fascias with the off-white were slightly earlier than the treble clefs: about 1958-59.

The treble clef ran between about 1960-62, and had gold detailing. It was about the most complex plastic fascia design that was used. I'm not sure it's on any current reissues which use that design.

Here's a pic: I still think it was machined from behind and filled in: that gives a slightly 3-D effect to the design.

Some info about the guitar will be useful.


PS: 'Home Despot' !!!


PS: 'Home Despot' !!! :D

Where can I get a tailpiece for a Hofner Committee please Mr Hofner59? From Hofner themselves?? Will it be crazily expensive do you know?



Depends which tailpiece you want:

there are two styles, the 'lyre', and the 'harp', and the age of the guitar ought to confirm which was fitted.

The earlier harp style continues to be made today, by ABM (A B Müller) in Germany. Their page is here:

and the item number is 1251 (select the fifth thumbnail pic of the eight shown) on the 'Tailpieces' page.

If that's not the one you need, or ABM won't sell direct, come back, and I'll see what else I can find out.


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