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Chet Atkins and Echo….


Hi guys, I wanted to learn something about the echo effect.

What types of echo did Chet use? Did you use only Echosonic?

I am very fond of vintage, give problems to vintage models?

I tried a roland sre -555 tape, very nice.

I know that Roland has also done RE-201, as an Italian I'm also proud of Binson Echorec, what do you think?

I link you a video where I try a Roland sre-555



That sounds real nice, Paolo.

This is where we need Norm to answer your questions about Chet's echo. I do know that he had one of the first Echosonic amps back in the mid 50's, but it was more of an experiment than anything. He didn't sound very good with it, imo. The first echo/delay recording he did that got my attention was Blue Echo, later changed to Blue Ocean Echo. He used a second tape machine in the studio when he recorded that one. A rather expensive echoplex. I think he was like most of us in experimenting with various new types of gear that came out. I know that toward the end he was using a Lexicon PCM41 on the road, but I think he stuck with the second tape unit in the studio, as he stayed pretty much with analog recording.

I enjoy your recordings. Keep it up.


Richard covered it pretty well. The Yandell biography goes into greater detail.


Good to hear from you Norm. I read about the echo in your terrific book I have.

I hope you're comfortable these arduous days. Cheers.


Paolo, the earliest tape echoes were done by recording on one machine, then stringing the tape to a second for playback. You could adjust delay time by moving the recorders closer or farther apart. It's goofy, but it works. We used this in our theater. Earliest reverb was just as arcane---a large room with playback speakers and mikes.

Good to see you back, Norm. I hope you're doing well.


Norm, if I would have known you were around, I would have refrained. I’m sure you would have done better. Good to see you on.


Richard you did me a favor! You did a great encapsulation saving me the trouble.


Richard you did me a favor! You did a great encapsulation saving me the trouble.


Grazie Richard, grazie Norm, grazie Dave, grazie wabash

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