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Can I plug a Hotone Nano Legacy Purple Wind amp into my combo amps?


Nevermind, I actually figured it out! And, yes you can.

2 you are liking it, eh?


It's pretty cool! I can get pretty close to some Malcolm Young tones. Bought it used for $66 w/ free shipping so I really couldn't lose. I ran it thru my AC15 and it delivered as advertised. I can actually get just about the exact same sounds from my Blackstar HT-5R on the gain channel with super low grit, however. I'm not a high gain lover-kinda like standing inside a tornado for me-but there's a time and place for low to mid gristle. It will be interesting to hear the difference with it used thru the Black Widow speaker. I should get that rig back this coming week switched over from the Peavey TNT 130 to cab use only. Incidentally, that work will cost me about $50, which is way worth it to me. I remember your comments on the BW speaker and how it will respond to this little amp so that will be interesting to hear. Thanks for the recommendation on the Purple Wind. For the price and the size I would recommend it (and a couple of other Hotone models) to others. BTW, the website says it it pronounced "Hot Tone".


"Hot Tone", that's good to know. There is a furniture store up here that years ago had a "Ho ho ho" Christmas sale. Their slogan, on TV, was, "More ho for your dough." I think it aired for about two days until someone must have said something.


I would like to add I got the AC-30 version called the Hotone British Invasion. (Called "Hot One") Thanks to Proteus' advice and initial Guinea Pig trials, this little thing has proven to be a large part of my music moving forward. I also have the "Purple Wind" which is the Plexi version. These are really kick a$$ little, inexpensive solid st. amps that can be used as pedals. I like the 2 I have and think it would be a fun trial for those that want additional sounds at a less expensive cost. Edit: the customer service is superior.


Besides the new-for-2019 Ampero modeler/multi-effects (which is an astonishing all-in-one at a ridiculous price), Hotone has also released a couple of twists on their mini-amps.

Both are (handsome) double-wide pedals, each incorporating two of the "models" from the Nano Legacy series, but with the addition of good digital reverb, an adjustable boost, of course "channel switching" between the two models (with independent 3-band EQ, gain, and MV for each) - AND 75 watts of Class D power. While the Nanos discussed in this thread are crazy loud for 5 watts, and enough for a surprising range of applications, 75 watts gives this concept convincing gigability.

The Brit Wind version (which I couldn't resist) combines the British Invasion Vox model with the Purple Wind Marshall emulation - a perfect duo for various clean/dirty setups. The Mojo Attack pairs the Mojo Diamond "tweedish Fender" take with the "Heart Attack" Mesa Boogie for gain-n-more tones. (Note that the Mojo side doesn't sound impressively tweed - it's maybe somewhere between tweed and blackface. I have the Nano version, and enjoy it.)

For all that I don't need any more amplification, I'm finding it hard to resist the Mojo Attack, just because the compact functionality is durn compelling.

And oh yeah, I should add. Both have effects loops - and besides the powered output for speaker (4-16 ohms accommodated), there are both XLR and 1/4" line outs, with or without cab simulation.

It's a lot of buck bang.

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