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Cadillac Green


Looking like a 1940s bomber squadron. Fantastic Curt.


Will it have gold appointments too?


Yet another work of art by you, Curt!


Will it have gold appointments too?

– Suprdave

Hey Dave, Yep, if you click on the link in the first post you can see the build progress.

It's wearing the TV Jones PAF Butts Filters.


Ha! Silly me. Yes, click on the link.

Man, I even liked it before the paint but afterwards, Damn!


Great looking guitar!

You made that neck?

I'm digging the fret markers!


Looks great. Who is the lucky lefty guy to get this? And what about the other lefty body? What are your plans for that one?


Wow! Just beautiful, Curt !! Love the binding, the color, hardware, everything. Sweet!

Hmmm, Did Frequent Flyer place an order..? (insert winkie emoji here)


That looks great.


Thanks, a local guy commissioned this build over a year ago. After some discussion he chose a Warmouth neck sans frets, nut, side fret markers and finish. I would have had to charge him 2X what Warmouth charged and they make fantastic necks.

As for the other body, I always make at least two so I have a spare just in case. It's available but only as a completed guitar I won't sell just a body.


Also, furthering the Cadillac green discussion. The color on the 58 hasn't faded as it looks the same under the tailpiece and the pickup surrounds. This was one of those car colors that was full of lead so the color didn't wander like translucent shades do.

In 1993 after a few years I figured the formula out and yes it does have metallic in it but it's 1 gram silver per 300 grams of the other colors.


Oh man, that looks awesome! Another really nice project. Now wondering why I still don't own a cadillac green Gretsch, since I love green guitars and this color is just perfection! It's probably a good thing that I haven't found or learned to mix that color, I think I'd paint everything. Heck, I think I'd even have a cadillac green girlfriend!


Great job!

Another option is Hunter Green Metallic, the car paint I used for mine, A buick paint, does a very convincing job as confirmed by the person who bought my club (He had an original one) and the pickup/repair guy Curtis Novak. It has the same properties of looking dark and classy in low light but springing into a more vibrant green in really bright light like the 50s ones did.


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