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Broken Grover Tuning Button - Honeydipper


Hi folks- First post. I was tuning my Honeydipper resonator tonight and the A tuning key button cracked. Not very impressive Grover!
Does anyone know where I can find direct replacements for these keys? Either the same Grovers or a better quality replacement which wouldn't require drilling & filling. StewMac has the Grover 18:1 Sta-Tite (97-18 Series 3+3 Tuners which look like they might fit, although I'm not excited about spending $55 for them as it wasn't an expensive guitar. Thank you in advance for any help. -U


StewMac also sells replacement tuner buttons-- these would be the old-style press & glue types. They have them both for round and rectangular shafts.

at $2-$5 each, way cheaper than replacing the whole machine set.


It happened to me too, my Alligator lost 5 out of the six tuner buttons. It was before Joe C (our man at Gretsch) retired he sent me replacements. Previous thread

You could try contacting Gretsch directly.


I have reached out to them, we'll see, thank you.


Thank you, I have a bunch of guitars and have built a few but have never encountered press & glue buttons. Ya learn something every day! I appreciate the response.

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