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I have a 2006 6122-1962 that I bought new in 2012. I would like to replace the bridge so I will have better intonation. What would be some good replacements? Once I get the new bridge I am going to have it pinned


Welcome aboard! You're going to be educated here about the virtues of Tim's Tru Arc bridges he invented/developed. I'd be surprised if this isn't the only bridges that get recommended! I don't have any yet but will down the road for my 6120. Sit back and read.


I own a pair of Tru Arcs. They come in a variety of materials and shapes. The Serpentune sounds like what you might want. The only other consideration would be a Compton.


What bridge is on it now.....a space control or bar?


The intonation is off on all strings or just a few? I'm not one that gets excited about intonation but I am a big fan of TruArc bridges.


Tru-Arc SerpenTune will solve your problems. Just make sure you specify plain or wound G string. I'm currently waiting on my 9th SerpenTune to arrive in Oz.


Tru-Arc Serpentune or this Bigsby bridge are good for bar bridges that intonate. Otherwise a good tuneomatic style bridge should work. One thing I have noticed though is that tuneomatic bridges tend to rattle more on Gretsch guitars than on other guitars. I think it has to do with the hollow space under it. The new guitars with ML bracing may solve that issue since the bracing appears to be right below the bridge.


I swear by Tru Arc. Top quality build and function. I have a brass one on my 6120 and a stainless steel on my Jet.


I have a brass Compton Bridge on my Falcon (replaced the goofy Space Control bridge) and an Aluminum Compton on a 6120-1959. The only reason I have Comptons over Tru-Arc is that at the time I was not aware of T-A as an option. I think the solid bridges are great tone wise. If you get the ones that also intonate (Compton, T-A) all the better. I also have a Bigsby bridge on a Starfire 3 that works nicely too. The fewer moving parts on a bridge the better off you are IMHO.


Some of the non intonatable ones have problems w/ unwound g strings


Prior to True Arc Serpentune, coming out I got a few True Arc bridges (of differing materials) as I wanted a radius correct bridge, they are high quality bridges, I decided I wanted better intonation and ordered them and am happy with the improvement to intonation , they have more mass to them than other types of compensating bridges. And is one solid piece as apposed to tune-o-magic bridges. And are a rocking bar bridge with the intonation cut out.

I think and have been thinking about (confirm this with Tim) once you have the bridge pinned, let's say you use more than one tunning set up (eg. Standard E and Drop D flat) it would only be a matter of swapping the bridge with one type to of intonation for the other and tuning.


I had installed a Tru-Arc (copper) on my 6122-1959 a few years (5-6???) ago and was always very happy with it. The intonation, while not perfect, was good enough for my ears. I recently (11/15) upgraded that bridge to a Tru-Arc SerpenTune (copper) -- I LOVE it! The intonation is "perfect" per my ears and my tuners.

Note that I also installed a Tru-Arc SerpenTune on my Gibson ES-335. The intonation on THAT guitar is not so good, particularly on the B & G strings. I understand (from a true expert) that I probably have the "wrong size" SerpenTune for a 335. Apparently they are made with different angles -- ?? I contacted Tim H. (this week) but have not heard back from him (he is a VERY busy man!).


I'm having the same internal discussion between the Tru-arc and the Compton bridge replacement for my new G6120ssv Brian Setzer model. I'm also looking at replacing the rosewood base with an ebony base. I'm so frustrated with the TOM buzz. I already doused it with superglue but it still makes some noise and it sounds a bit dead now. Anybody compare directly the T-A vs the Compton?


Hey Folks, I'm new to the board with the recent acquisition of a 5420t. It has this Tru-Arc bridge on it, but i'm still getting my G string going out of tune by just playing the guitar. I'm not hitting the bigsby and dive bombing it or anything but having to tune it every few minutes of playing. What are some tips or "to-do's" to help with this?

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A Melita re-issue. I can send you some flat screws.


Are the Melita reissues comparable to the originals?


Yes. There's no difference. They're adjustable, tone and sustain are great, and they work really well with Bigsbys. If you get one, PM me and I'll send you a set of the flat screws.


I recently replaced the junky space control bridge on my silver jet for a solid brass tru-arc and the difference was immediately noticeable. The space control was rattly and slightly uncomfortable, very thin sounding. The brass tru-arc is solid and robust sounding, and more articulate through and amp. Fwiw, I don't have any issues with intonation; I use DR pure nickel .11's with medium dunlop picks and I now have the tone I've been hearing in my head for years! I also don't pin the bridge, just a little bow rosin and im rocking with no issues


I have the 6122-1959. It had the buzz , so I looked at different bridge options. Took the bar bridge off and discovered it looks to be casted. Where the bar sets on height adjustment nuts was not flat, it had high points. I used a stone to take high points off and that stopped the buzz and made a difference the in sound. eazy fix!

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