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Boss BR Micro and technophobe


Just on my second day trying to record drums on this gizmo, just hopeless. I need something simple. 2 Guitar tracks no drums followed instructions re V tracks Bought Presonus studio at Christmas cant use that either....!


I've had a Boss Micro BR for several years and still use it often. It did take me a while to figure out the interface though. Good luck and don't give up!


In a nutshell How do I record drums to a track ?


You'd have to select the INPUT to use the on-board mic vice the guitar input. You would also need to test the optimal placement of the mic and adjust the sensitivity and reverb settings. I think because of where you'd place it, you'd need another person to start the recording while you are sitting at your drum set.

Honestly, the thing was designed for a guitarist to put on your lap while you lay multiple tracks down to create a song. For me, I usually import a drum WAV file from my computer and then build my bass and guitar parts on top of that.

I also have used the Boss Micro BR to record voice-over narration using the on-board mic (usually while sitting in my car with towels and blanks spread out over the dash-board) and it works great for that too.


Hi Brian ,thanks I meant how do you record the drum patterns contained in the recorder to a track. I have lead guitar in track 1 ,rhythm guitar in track 2 and would like to add an inboard drum pattern on track 3


Just managed to add Drums ! V tracks .......don,t ya just love ,em ? Especially T12V2

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