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Biscuit resonator bridge replacement/upgrade



I'm looking for suppliers offering replacement bridges for biscuit resonator guitars. My Alligator has an ebony-capped bridge. For now the only option I found is


and those are not exactly what I'm looking for.

Goal: raising the action when I use nylon strings (which will probably be most of the time). Googling did turn up a reference to an interesting height-adjustable bridge once offered by Weber but apparently those are no longer available(?)

It is possible to replace just the bridge, as opposed to replacing the biscuit with it?


Got word back from Gretsch customer service. Here are the part numbers:

009-7084-000 (saddle) MSRP is €9.60 009-7091-000 (cone/biscuit) MSRP is €59.00

Interestingly one can apparently not order the cone without an (already attached?) biscuit.


You can replace the bridge by itself. It’s held on with a single screw. In my case the cone was crunched a little.

After some research, I replaced the original damaged cone on my G9201 with a National Hot Rod cone and fitted it with a compensated ebony maple split cap bridge from StewMac.

Love it!


Hmmm, not sure I want to go there but interesting. The reduced weight of the biscuit part must be an advantage, but using a harder bridge doesn't necessarily give a nicer sound (or even a louder-and-equally-nice sound).

But mind the blurb at the bottom of the page: the person cutting the bridge will need tools that can deal with carbon!

There's also the question how the original biscuit is fixed to the cone and if it can be swapped out without risk.

(what term should I be using anyway - saddle or bridge?!)

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