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Bigsby vs Bigsby… USA, import, string-thru?? Help?????


OK so I had ordered a B5 Bigsby from Musicians friend, got the 15% deal around Black Friday. It was backordered, and they just cancelled it. So I need a B5.

I don't want the Fender "kit" (branded "F"), I want a BIGSBY-branded one. I don't really care if it's just the tremolo or comes with the flat top bridge, because I already have a Callaham I'm to use.

But prices seem to vary alot, and in many pics, the colors look different. Some say "polished aluminum", some look like brushed chrome, .. and all for a B5; I'm not even talking about the B50 or B500.

So- here are a few links. Am I missing something? What is the difference? IS there a difference?

ALSO THINKING ABOUT GETTING A STRING-THRU MODEL... what has the consensus been on these, since they've been out awhile now?


They are all polished aluminum. I believe the one that says nickel plating is referring to the Tele bridge plate, not the Bigsby itself.

It's a shame how expensive they've become. I think I bought a B5 for $100 ten years ago.


Yeah, $190 seems to be the cheapest I can find.


So then... pinless? I always hated changing strings on the Hot Rod. I can DO it, but it's a bit of a PITA. String-through sure sounds easier to me. Any issues? They've been out awhile now...


Other than string-through vs. pins, they are all the same. If you just need the B5 itself, it should run a little over $150. But looking around, they seem to be out of stock a lot of places. You might have to either be patient and wait for them to be restocked or pay a little more. The cheapest one I could find actually is a Telecaster kit, but it's still cheaper than most people are listing just a B5 for.


Yeah- the telecaster kit is what threw me off... that the Bigsby AND BRIDGE is cheaper in most places than just the Bigsby...


Bigsby prices are high at the mo, covid has hit production and supply. Bigsby prices here are nearly double with a 12 to 16 week wait.


Wow!!! That's crazy!


Not friggin' cheap, but I want pinless this time, and it was the only aftermarket pinless I could find. I want to Bigsby my Cabronita Thinline, have for awhile, I have the Callaham bridge sitting here, I have the DE handle, the B5 was cancelled today. To hell with it! It's only money, and the way things are looking we are going to be a 3rd world socialist country soon anyway, so... spend it while I got it!


The best Bigsby accessory is a set of locking tuners. They won't affect tuning, but make string changes a breeze.


The best Bigsby accessory is a set of locking tuners. They won't affect tuning, but make string changes a breeze.

– Billy Zoom

I couldn't agree more- I even put them on my tele (no Bigsby) recently for that exact reason- fast string changes, and they also seem to stretch in faster w/o the winds around the posts.


That's the best price I've seen, but they're out of stock too.

Incidentally, has anybody noticed that the once modest upcharge for gold plating is now monstrous? At this place they're $122 for plain aluminum and $215 for gold plated. I wish this gold mania would come to an end. I collect vintage gold watches and it's getting to the point where most of them are worth more as scrap than they are as timepieces.

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