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Bigsby vintage narrow ./. vintage flat


Hey Bigsbydudes-

which is shorter? The vintage narrow or the vintage flat handle?

Thanks in advance!


Actually, there's a measurements tab in those links. The flat is 1/4" longer.


isn't the vintage narrow the one that breaks easily?


Yes, the narrow model is indeed just under ¼" shorter. Mine is on a Les Paul R9 with a factory B7 Bigsby and I've had no problems with bending or breaking.


I had a Vintage Flat that snapped. I have a Vintage Narrow that seems solid as a rock. I also have an unplated cast aluminum custom VF-style (from Pete Biltoft, back when you couldn't buy 'em from Bigsby) that will definitely never break.

I don't know when the bad ones were made, or if current ones are better. They're plated, so you can only tell what they're made of if they break !

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