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Bigsby hinge sizes


Can anyone tell me if the size and hole pattern are the same on the 2 hinges for the bigsby's B6C v-cut vs. the B6Cbde? Thinking of adding the bde back onto my historic but I don't want to drill any new holes. It used to have the V cut on it. From pictures that I see it's difficult to determine. Any experienced info would be greatly appreciated.


All of the different hinges have different hole patterns. But hinges are interchangeable and can be bought loose. It's a little bit of a fuss and a few whacks of a hammer to get the pin out and back in, but very simple and beats drilling new holes into your guitar.


I'm the kind of guy that burns himself with a soldering iron and even once stapled two fingers together. I'm just going to hold off and wait a bit to get a b6c and go back into the holes already there. Thanks for all the responses.

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