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Bigsby Chet Arm Swap on VS Country Club


Just wanted to share a before and after of a recent Bigsby arm swap. I'm digging the new Chet arm; it's unfamiliar but is getting more comfy each day. Sort of reminds me of a cross between Bigsby and Jazzmaster vibrato. Still trying to dial in the arm height and have a 1" spring on the way to try and raise it up (putting a penny in the spring cavity helped too). I dig it!

Next is swapping out the Space Control for a Tru Arc!

Here is the before photo with the stock arm...


Good move!! I have replaced all my Bigsby arms with Chet wire arms for several years.....


Nice! Beautiful guitar. Love the green gold combo in Gretsch.


The Chet arm is my favorite. Congrats

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