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Bigsby B16 Tele experience?


I’m considering switching from a B50+ashtray w/3 saddles to B16 with integral Bigsby bridge. Anyone have experience with this retrofit on a Tele?


I do. I added a B-16 to one of my Teles. It was pretty easy to do . . . I'm not a luthier by any stretch, and my tech skills are limited. The B-16 worked great and performed almost as smoothly as a B-6.


I have two.Work great, look great.


I've done this as well. You'll need to shim the neck; Bigsby makes one that's angled just right. Not being a fan of plank guitars, the raised bridge with the B16 makes this the most enjoyable Tele I've played.


Do these Bigsby sporting Teles still fit in a standard Tele case?


B16s give me Tele GAS more than Teles themselves.


You need an angled neck to make the B16 work and some Tellys got a slightly different positioned bridge pkup routing.


I've always like these, it comes from seeing an original but left handed version in A. R. Duchossoir's Fender Telecaster book.


TK Smiths bigsby shim is perfect for the B16, easy to set up although I find you need foam underneath the pickup to keep microphonics at bay due to the design. I've also cut down several which is my fav.


Definitely cool and fun to mod. However, it does move it away from the things I love about a tele. Mine was configure like Nocturne Brain's second picture, with parts from TK. So, if you love your tele, I'd recommend getting a second to mod and keeping one "stock"/plain.

I eventually moved mine on and the guy who bought it was thrilled. I now have two other tele's that are plain and use Gretsches for my whammy business.

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