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Best sounding Rockabilly Echo Device? Looking,


This may be a really redundant question but I'm entering the world of Slap Back Rockabilly ""Echo and want to know your opinions of the best modern device that gives the best Rockabilly Scotty Moore, Deke sound?

Right now I have a Boss RV-3 Delay Reverb pedal and it is OK but can sound alittle digital and processed ,,, It's not bad but not great, (if you know what I mean?)

I know there's stuff out there like Danelectro pedals, Boss and others but what's ... a really good modern unit?

I was looking at an original Tape Echo plex for 1K on e-Bay but I heard they can break down and be a bit noisy sometimes.

Do they re-issue the tape Echo Plex? ...

Any really good pedals?

What do you guys think?



There's a near mint re-201 in Guitar Center in Grossmont San Diego. It's right next to the Grossmont Center mall. If you really wanted it I could ask my brother to pick it up for you. He has paypal, so you could ask him and setup payment etc... Tell him I sent you his way, I am sure he'd do it for a GDP member. His name on here is Limb425. Look him up in the member's area. I'd go with that if you really want a tape echo sound. Otherwise, there's the RE-20, which I use and love and I don't have to worry about tapes or maintaining it. Good luck.


I borrowed my friend's RE-20 and I have to say that it is really good. I have Dynacord Echocord tube tape echo and JMX-520 tape echo, and I have tried several digital and analog delay effects. My opinion is that the RE-20 is the closest you can get at the moment to the real tape echo without actually having one. I am going to buy one soon.


I have an RE-20 and while I wouldn't argue that it's every bit as good as a real tape echo but it is very good for a stomp box.


Another vote for the RE-20. My second one just arrived in the mail today...I like 'em that much.

Also, as covered in another topic, I recommend old Boss DM-2s and DM-3s. Can't go wrong there. Also for a simple slapback(less than 75ms) I don't see any problem with using digital...I mean, it's so close who's gonna really know? In that case a Boss DD-3 will work fine.

On the cheaper end you can always pick up a cool Danelectro BLT slap echo for about twenty bucks. Great bang for the buck.


The Echoplex is the way to go, and you should be able to get one for a couple hundred bucks. It's the only way to get that quick, fluttery "bathtub" echo. The digital devices never sound quite right. I have a Line6 DL4 Modeler and it sounds close, but no cigar.


Thanks fellows,

It seems the vote may be the RE-20!

Wenzel, I tried looking up your brother's info. in members but I couldn't find it?

I'll try looking again.


DrGretsch said: I have a Boss RV-3 Delay Reverb pedal and it is OK

Hey DrGretsch. Here are my settings for the RV-3, if you wanna check 'em out: Balance= slightly less than 9:00 Tone= 9:00 R. Time= 6:00-9:00 for slapback. 11:00 for my longer delay. Mode= 2.

MXR just came out with a new all-analog, true bypass delay. It's small, like the Dynacomp. Hmmm......... My buddy has an Echoplex and a Roland RE-501 (I think...)Those are great, however, I don't need another piece of equipment to regularly maintain. I have guitars for that! I tried Don Wood's RE-20, and it was great. I may invest in one. I'm currently using a Maxon AD-80 analog delay for slapback only, and a Boss RV-3 for the slightly longer delays and slapback on certain things. I really don't mind the digital aspect of the RV-3. Honestly, the RV-3 is great for slapback, too. I've had mine for 13 years.


Boss DM-3 analogue delay. Boss stopped making them ages ago but they can be found on Ebay. Not cheap though.


Another RE-20 voter here.

The noise, flutter, warble are all there, but if you want to clean up, simply turn down the echo level a bit and up the input level, presto! New tape heads.


If you like the echoplex tone, find an H&K Replex. Large, clunky, digital ... should be 3 strikes yer out but not so fast. No tape, but still gets a big piece of that wonder EP-3 vibe and atmosphere. Sounds in no way digital. Has a tube within, can dish up as much warm drive (in addition to delay) as you'd ever need. I use for longer delay ... it can go up to 1 second or so. Has reverb too, but it's not worth using. The delay sound is quite beautiful, works just right on loud stages. Just as the RE-20 appears to be (don't know personally) a worthy pedal alternative to the RE-201, the Replex is (definitely) to the EP-3.


I forgot about the Replex. H&K did a great job with the Replex (Echo) and Rotosphere (Leslie Emulator). I also tried an RE-20 recently and was extremely impressed. Coming from someone who put up with the maintenance headaches of Echoplexes for over 20 years that's a strong statement :nice:

I am very tempted to get an RE-20, but am saving for a Jet and don't want to dilute the wife's support:grin:


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Best sounding is really relative to YOUR ears. It's like asking people what's the best tasting pizza. You're going to get many different opinions. Someone may swear up and down that the RE-20 is the best sounding echo for rockabilly, then you hear it and think it sounds like crap. Like most of us, you will have to go through many delay pedals to get to the one you really like...I think I have about 5 different pedals and just recently bought the RE-20...very very nice I must say...I would recommend that you try it out.


Depends on who you ask. Some people think the reverb sucks...well, it's not gonna live up to your outboard Fender unit obviously, but the reverb is quite useable IMO, as good as the reverb on most Fender amps that only have the one knob(hope you understand me there).

The reverb on my RE-20s sound better than any Fender Blues Junior reverbs I ever heard(and I've owned 5 of them over the years...keep hoping I'd like 'em...)

If you have an amp that has no reverb and you're doing a surf gig it'll cover the ground quite nicely.

Wishinfora(nother)Falcon said: How is the reverb on the RE-20?

I find it a bit dark but splashy sounding. For my tastes it works well in conjunction with the spring reverb in my Fenders. The amp provides the bright sounds and the RE-20 adds depth and character.


Here you go.

It might be the priciest of all, but try one out if you get a chance. I can't afford one right now but spent almost an hour falling in love in the store. Maybe I can find some stuff to trade in...


Here you go.

It might be the priciest of all, but try one out if you get a chance. I can't afford one right now but spent almost an hour falling in love in the store. Maybe I can find some stuff to trade in...


Speaking of echo's for people with a big budget;

Has the T-Rex Replica been mentioned yet?

Reverend Horton Heat uses one.

About the RE-20 reverb. I don't like it. It's probably close to the original but it dwells for too long and it's too dark for my taste. I prefer the Accutronics units in my Fender and Engl.


I'm pro analog; digital delays sounded more metalic to me. I am currently using the Boss DM 3. Very nice pedal.


Also the TC Nova Delay and Eventide Timefactor. No personal experience with either. The Fulltone TTE samples are simply gorgeous, though.

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