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Best place to set up your Gretsch guitar in Stockholm, Sweden?


Hey guys, I will be living in Stockholm, Sweden for a while, and I brought a couple of Gretches with me. They are not playing that great right now, I'm getting a lot of fret buzz and stuff like that. What is the best place to get them set up properly? Thanks!


Stockholm has quite a few cool guitar stores (which is why, apart from generally being a wonderful city, it’s one of my favourite places to go on vacation. But please don’t tell my wife… ). In the part of the city called Södermalm there are two nice vintage stores; Hellstone Musik and Halkan’s Rockhouse. In S:t Eriksgatan there’s another one called Gitarrtorget, and just a couple of blocks away there’s a big, modern store called Deluxe Music (I tried a green sparkle Setzer Hotrod there this summer). There are others too, but these are the names I remember at the moment.

Mind you, I’m not from Stockholm and I have no personal experience with any of these stores as far as setting up Gretsches (I do my own, but I live in Norway, so you're looking at a seven+ hour drive), but a guy I know used to work at Deluxe Music, and he’s started his own business ( I’d contact him if I were you.



Hi Gretschoholic, thanks for the advice. I am aware of the stores you mention, but never heard of, I'll check them out. Best!

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