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Anyone like a wound third?


Just seeing if the wound G is popular around here. Just today I slapped on a set of the D'Addario 11-49s with the wound third and was instantly converted! I had never played an electric with one, but damn it makes all the difference to me


I use 'em. More of a slider than a bender, so the extra meat never bothered me.


I think it depends on your playng style.

We all play wound G on acoustics and that seems normal to me.

On my Gretsch guitars I play 11's with a plain G and wouldn't consider a wound G because I love to bend 1,2 &3 more than 4,5 & 6.

On the other hand if I just played strummed rythym or finger pick maybe I would try a wound G.


Yep. Comes standard with the thomastik jazz swings. I've Never thought of changing it out for a plaim


Plain G strings for me 90% of the time, because of bending notes.

Exception: I don't hardly ever bend on a guitar I'm using for jazz studies. Presently my Godin 5th Ave jazzer has TI "Swings."

My '63 Gretsch Clipper has lighter wires with a plain G (the bridge is a straight wooden affair, if it were compensated for a wound G, I'd run that).

A Tru-Arc would help the Clipper. Its single coil pickup is a bit thin sounding presently (but the whole guitar is completely original).


Wound G for me. I'm mostly a rhythm guy and it sounds 'fatter' to me. Seems to stay in tune better as well, tho that's likely subjective.


I instantly fell in love with it. I found holding chords easier, and sliding from chord to chord significantly smoother. Admittedly I don't do a ton of bending, nothing extreme anyway, but I dont find it too hard. The way chords sound is enough for me, so much tighter and more cohesive sounding


I prefer them. Not a huge bender. And besides, the bigsby bends the note in both directions. I like the fuller tone on the G, especially for single note modal stuff over open strings.


I've been playing 12-52s with a wound G (24) for the past 20 years. I don't play a lot of bendy blues lead (not my thing) so I prefer the bigger sound bigger strings give me. Also I can dig in a little if I want.


I just never realized all these years how much the plain G really stands out. The wound G on my set is a .21, I dont find it difficult to bend at all, just needs to be pushed a little further. I really noticed Barre chords became easier to play


I use wound G's..... I think it's just a habit I got into in the late 1950's.....


Over the years, the plain G on an electric has come to sound a little 'thin' to me. Consequently, I've come to prefer the tone of the wound G.


I bend too much for a wound G. Otherwise, I would probably prefer one.


I like the tone, but there are too many styles of music you can't play with them.


Really? I can't think of any style of music I can't play on my guitars and I use 12-52 round wounds. Off the top of my head. Rock-a-billy, rock, hard rock, alternative rock, Swing, Latin, Cabaret, pop, etc . I don't do much blues or bluesy string bending it's true, but that's more a matter of taste than being limited by string size. I have smallish hands butI do work with them a lot so I guess they're pretty strong. This is of course just my experience.


I use a wound third on all of my Gretsches. The Ricks and Strat have plain thirds, except the John Lennon.


Bendy Blues? What about country and rockablilly triple stops with a bent "G"? Not much fun with a wound string.


I always use a plain G on electrics, although I agree that a wound G sounds better. If I were strictly a rhythm guy, as I was in the gypsy jazz band, I would always use a would 3rd. Lead on electric requires a compromise for me, and I lean toward playability in that case, and go with a plain G.

I bow down before guys with those big sausage fingers that can bend a fat, wound G like it's an Ernie ball .007! I just can't bend the things with my skinny, arthritic fingers.


I use both on different guitars, 6120DSV wound 3rd on 10-49 set, has a True Arc rocking bar bridge and seems to give a better intonation, maybe and like the twang. I have a 6119T players edition and has plain g on a 10-48 set and yep is great for bending, also has a True Arc and intonation not as good maybe and quite a different sound, had to adjust the pick ups a bit.Jazzers seem to use the wound or flat wound.

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