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Anybody gigging a plexi shield?


The never ending search for the ability to twist it up a little more without hurting people. We often don't mic, so this would be mainly for cranking it into the sweet spot. Just at home, I definitely noticed a drop in volume and a loss of high end. I'll haul it to the next gig and see how it goes, but the loss of highs might be a non-starter.


I haven't but I do love that my amp is an open back so i can treat the drummer to the same thing I'm hearing. I'm sure there are situations these would work out great.


I use one but the edge of the plexi comes just to the top of the speaker cone so my ear gets the direct speaker, the audience is shielded. I do use an $800 mic on the speaker for house, cuz they need the toanz


They are really useful in our theaters, tho we normally use them to tame down drummers. Shields keep unwanted sounds from affecting mikes on the other instruments. The problems with them are that they're pricey and don't travel well. If you're worried about the audiences' ears, you can use a tilt back stand.


I turn my little guys around like Roy Buchanan used to do

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