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Any tips on analyzing what strings I used?


I LOVE these strings.

But I forgot what they sre.

I’ve got a drawerful and i am always changing around. I forgot what I used.

Any tips for forensically determining what type and gauge they are. I should note that my eyesight is pretty bad (almost as bad as my memory).



I always love a good mystery, post some photos!

If they have coloured ball-ends they will be one brand or another, some models have special colours.

The ball-ends of different brands also tend to have slightly different shapes and the size of the holes vary, I know because some slip off Bigsby pins a lot easier.


I think each brand has a bit of a different haywire twist.

[Someone posted a link in one forum about a year ago to a small string company who had a webpage that showed various proper and poor finishing on the loop and ball-ends, but I can’t locate it.]

I’ve never had a lot of luck using callipers to measure the thickness.

You can usually tell if it has a coating on it.

Near the bottom of the page in this link are a few things you can look for:


This digital caliper has worked well for me, for a variety of precision measuring tasks:

only $35 at Amazon


I always leave the string envelope in my guitar case just in case I need to remember what I used.

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